Automotive Locks & Parts Service

LocksDid you leave your car keys in the car again? If you are looking for a professional locksmith for your automotive locksmith needs, we also offer a 24/7 emergency service for customers who need help right away. We can offer quick response time, performing a variety of auto locksmith services to help you.

Among these services include:

  • We help with all emergency lock out services.
  • We can extract keys that were broken in the lock.
  • We also offer ignition and door key replacement services.
  • This company can also make copies of all types of car keys, both domestic and foreign cars.
  • We are also able to replace and repair car locks and ignitions.
  • We are able to reprogram transponder keys.
  • We can also rekey ignitions.

These are only a few of the wide variety of services that we offer.

We do not just help out if you are locked out of your car, but we also have the capabilities to help you start your car in case of a lost key. They can also help get you new remotes for your car, a necessity if you lost your keys with your FOBs attached, as well as we can help you when you lose your keyless entry remote.

In addition, we perform residential and business locksmith services to assist anytime there is a need. We are a trusted name locally to help with rekeying, lock changes, and making copies of your house keys. We have state of the art equipment that can offer you quality results without hurting your pocket. This equipment also helps prevent damage to your locks, which means that you can have peace of mind about leaving your lock needs in our hands. If you need any assistance with any and all types of locks, we are have several years of experience in this field and can assist with all of your lock needs.

We promise to offer a quick response time when you truly need it, so you are not left stranded. We are available 24/7, meaning you can count on us whenever you need help. We are here for you. We have serviced this area for many years, with many very satisfied customers under our belt. Trust us to help you in your moment of need.

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Selling Your Car in 10 Steps


There comes a time when you want to get yourself a new car, or simply another car, but first of all, you need to sell the one that you already have. This should be an easy task, but some people find it extremely hard to deal with everything. A simply explained process, with the right steps that need to be followed should solve any misunderstanding about this whole process.

Here is what you should do when you want to sell the car you already have.

Step 1: Know the Market

downloadThis is the first step you need to make. There is a whole market out there dedicated to the used cars, so follow it and see what the offer is. Look for cars that are similar to yours and get a feeling of the prices. It will help you to know what other competitors are there, and what are they offering more, or less, than you are offering.

Step 2: Set the Price

Once you have seen the market and the offer, think about a price that will make your car more attractive than others. Don’t ask too much, because you may not sell your car at all; also, don’t ask a very low price, because you can lose money in this process. Chose a price that is similar to other cars on the market.

Step 3: The First Impression

This is what matters most when people come to see the car you have for sale. On the market it’s called “curb appeal” and this means that you car needs to catch the attention of the viewer. Wash it thoroughly and pay a special attention to the details – the interior, but also the exterior – the tires and the wheels. Make the car shine and sparkle and it will attract the attention.

Step 4: Advertise

Use the old ways of advertising – like placing ads in the newspaper. Don’t forget to use the internet too – put ads for selling the car on the social media platforms or on special sites that are only for selling and buying cars. You have the ability to add some photos, so use it wisely.

Step 5: Other Details

automotive_iconWhen you advertise, write all the details that are important – a catchy price, the year, the model of the car, the make, the color and the trim level. Add the condition of the car; if you are the first owner and photos.

Step 6: Showing

This is not like in the showroom when you can go and take a look to the exposed cars and leave. Prospective buyers will come and see the car, but only those who really are interested will insist on details. Don’t be available for anybody, but try to screen out those people that are really interested in your car.

Step 7: The History

When people come to see the car, if they ask, show them the papers that prove that the car was properly maintained. This will show that you have taken good care of the car and if something was changed, it was done with an authorized company.

Step 8: Negotiate

AutomotiveIf the prospective buyer really wants to get the car, you will be getting an offer. Don’t be over-excited and say “yes” to the first price you might hear, unless the price is bigger than what you have asked. People usually offer a lower price from the start, to be able to negotiate. If you don’t want to negotiate, say it politely and refuse the offer. If you are flexible enough, you can negotiate to a price that is closer to what you want.

Step 9: Inspection

This is a step that some do, some don’t. Usually, if the car is sold as it is, then you don’t have to worry about the future repairs of the future owner. Even so, the car can be inspected by a mechanic to see if it needs some repairs.

Step 10: Selling

Depending on where you live, there are different regulations for selling a car. To make sure you fill in the right papers, ask the local authorities in this domain. This way, you will get a clear direction on what to do.

Whenever you need help with this process, just give us a call at Maremont, and we’ll help you out in no time!